Construction at The Light House

The Light House is a new bespoke mul­ti-res­i­den­tial build­ing locat­ed in Hawthorn. The build­ing is cur­rent­ly in con­struc­tion. Its struc­tur­al lev­els are now in place. 

Locat­ed in the heart of the Hawthorn Vil­lage, the front of the build­ing can be seen promi­nant­ly from the plat­form of the adja­cent trainline.

The design of the build­ing is a slim pro­file of raw con­crete, etched along the exte­ri­or to cre­ate vari­tion across the sur­faces. The two facades of the build­ing are char­ac­terised by fine grids of glass block­work, ulti­mate­ly form­ing a col­umn of ver­ti­cal illu­mi­na­tion. This promi­nent ele­ment is flanked by a deep recess on each lev­el, with fine steel rail details. 

The use of glass blocks cre­ates an incred­i­ble play of light inter­nal­ly whist pro­vid­ing screen­ing for the indi­vid­ual res­i­dences. The effect is already evi­dent on the con­struc­tion site.

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